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I’m always going back and forth between London and Mumbai.
This guy was interesting because he lived his life by everything bad, not good.

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But this was probably the first song that I wrote that had a connection with the audience, which I hadn’t yet had a song accomplish.

It was sort of obvious right from the beginning that it was gonna be everybody’s sad, weepy breakup song.

Their eighth, Love You to Death, arrived this month, and it’s a summery blast of pop goodness.

“But if you’d asked me first if we have telepathy I would have said, ‘No, you’re annoying, don’t even ask the question’.” The duo from Calgary, Canada, have been making albums for 17 years now.

They’ve graduated from emo heartthrobs to queer influencers to pop songwriting elite without ever losing momentum.

“So many questions feel like they infantilise us: ‘Do you live together? ’ No, we f**king do not,” says Sara, the younger by eight minutes.

But after so long in the public eye, they’re understandably frustrated with being asked the same things about life as identical twins.

They gallantly offer to say their name each time they speak for the benefit of my dictaphone but it’s not necessary.

They’ve come to accept that in any interview only a certain percentage of the conversation is going to be about their songs and the rest will be about their identity: as women in music, as twin sisters in music, as gay twin sisters in music. If I were just straight as a musician, maybe I wouldn’t feel as though my life has as much meaning.