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rbt post simplifies both creating and updating review requests.

It can look at your source directory, generate a diff, and upload it to a new or existing review request on an associated Review Board server.

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When using Git repos in TFS, and you use the Git integration in Visual Studio you have the same functionality that lets you associate a work item to a commit, either by using a work item query or by specifying a work item ID.) I imagine the "upload" button to be a kind of zipping process that encapsulates the set of files at that moment in time. This is something that has been bothering me as I need to frequently push certain metadata into a staging org.If that is your case too I'd recommend Copado Deployer. This applies mostly to projects in early development stage with likely changes in entities. JHipster puts entity changes in existing liquibase changset used to create the entity in the beginning. Actual result is updated code but not entity table in DB.But a lot of developers like to use other Git tooling, such as Git Extensions, Source Tree or the command line.