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She'd arranged the meeting through Tinder, I heard my mom's voice in the back of my head from a few days earlier.

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But eventually, his mom saw that they weren’t kids anymore and they were about to settle down already.“Pero one week ." The Couple: Esjae Peña and Jiea Dee Their story: Jiea happily shares, “Well, thankfully my Chinese father is now modernized and he was never against my pure Filipino husband.” The struggle: While their relationship hasn’t faced a struggle in that area, Jiea knows other people who went through all sorts of struggles. Chinese ) prefer to 'preserve the wealth and ancestry' which is why they usually reject Filipino lovers.Filipino girls are brought up in the conservative and traditional atmosphere.For many Filipina girls, marriage is lifelong commitment.They would never abandon children or sick people for selfish reasons. Overall, they are very loving, caring and loyal and never bother about physical appearance or age of their partners.And, these traits of Filipinas make them a dream partner for many American men.Because of their family tradition of being only allowed to marry a fellow Chinese, he had to keep his relationship with Kath for six years from his mom, until he finally gathered the courage to tell her.The struggle: Jason’s mom didn’t like Kath, at first.

Filipinas have a great attachment towards their families.It was never a hidden fact: there has always been an unpleasant stereotype that goes with a Chinese getting into a relationship with a Filipino.So many years after, when things, mindset, and ideas tend to be more liberal, we wonder, what’s the real deal now? We’ve asked real-life couples who had to undergo this murky situation to share with us their interesting journey that transcends race, culture, and language all in the name of love: The Couple: Jason Tan and Kath Garcia-Tan Their story: Jason’s parents hail from Mainland, China but he was born in the Philippines. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Many men are lured to dating Philippines girls because of the traits they possess.You should also know that their country does not permit divorce and annulment is looked down upon in their society.