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With years of experience in mentoring students just like you, our mechanical engineering tutors are here for you when you need.Complying with our code of conduct, they will teach you on any education level, covering all required mechanical engineering topics and subjects in your syllabus.Students will be exposed to various audio and video processes including recording, editing and mixing techniques in the companion CD. DC Circuit Theory This course covers the fundamentals of current, voltage and resistance.Explore the principles of DC circuits including Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's laws, series and parallel circuits and equivalent circuits. AC Circuit Theory This course is designed to explore the principles of AC circuits by identifiying components, rectifiers and basic amplifiers.VSee has proven itself over and over again in challenging network situations from Nigeria offshore platforms to remote Himalaya villages.Telemedicine shouldn’t be another EMR nightmare, and doctors don’t need another app they won’t use.

After rigorous and extensive testing, NASA chose VSee to be the exclusive video chat telemedicine platform used by astronauts on the Space Station.Let us chop out the extra clicks and unnecessary steps in your system so your doctors can be more productive and patients are more satisfied.VSee provide[s] an enhanced replacement for our current capability to support secure, two-way, private medical consultations and family conferences with our ISS crewmembers…increase in our ability to support some of our other telemedicine and science objectives Our versatile platform allows for an infinite number of workflow variations: direct-to-consumer, internal communications, provider-to-provider consults, or any combination of these.CIE's distance education Broadcast Engineering course was designed to provide the specialized knowledge required for a career as a broadcast engineering technician at an AM radio station, FM radio station or at a TV station.After you complete this program you'll receive a Diploma with the opportunity to obtain two professional trade certifications.Students will understand digital circuits and relays that are used in AND, OR and NOT circuits.