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deepika_toocute ( PM): yes praveen ( PM): nee jacket chimpi ne bra meedhu gaa adhi nee sallani pisukuthu daani guburu meedha cheyyi veyyinchukoni peekinchukuntuuuu neee pedhaalani naaki naaki kelukuthundhi deepika_toocute ( PM): abbbaaaa champutunnav praveen ( PM): appudu nee pedhalu daani pedaalani nakuthuu daani naluka petti bayataki laagi nee naluk toh keliki keliki vadhuluthaavu deepika_toocute ( PM): ummmmmmmm praveen ( PM): adhi sudden gaa nee langaa bondhu daggara nundi lopaliki cheyyi thoosi gollatoh nee bodipi meehda gilluthundhi...nuvuv rechhi pooyi daani chudidhar loopaliki cheyyi petti daani boddu meedha ruddhuthuu daani pedhaalani cheekuthavu deepika_toocute ( PM): ssssssssssss abbbaaaaaaaa praveen ( PM): nee pooku pedhaalani langaa loonchi leepi gilluthundhi veeli toh nuvvu surukkumani kasekki dani pedhaalani inkaa cheekuthontey adhi ninnu daggaraki laakkoni dress meddhu gaa nee guburu ni daani daanitoh paamuthuu kelukuthundhi deepika_toocute ( PM): aaaaaaaaaaaa deepika_toocute ( PM): adirindi praveen ( PM): lanja mundaa pachhi gaa matlaadavey sani mundaa deepika_toocute ( PM): cheppara lanja kodaka praveen ( PM): nee guddha meedha daani veelu petti kelukuthuuu ninnu daggaraki laakkoni aa guburu oka daaniki okati raapidi ayyela chesi nee guddhani pisukuthundhi deepika_toocute ( PM): champestunnav ra nannu praveen ( PM): aa tharuvatha nee cheera kuchhillu laagesi ninnu guddalu lekundaa chesi...daani pant nee chetha laaginchukoni daani kaallu nee nadum chuttu vessi daani guburu nee guburu meli padelaa kelukuthuu kaallatoh nee nadum chuttu ne pedhalani cheelki cheeki naluka ni naakuthundhi deepika_toocute ( PM): abbaaaaaaaa pinkyyyyyyy praveen ( PM): appudu daani guburu toh nee pooku meedha ruddhi nee naalukatoh danai monalani naakinchukuntu cheekinchukuntuuu nee boddu loo veelu peeti kelukuthuu untundhi deepika_toocute ( PM): ummm ummm ummm praveen ( PM): adhi daani naaluka ni nee boddu loo petti kelukuthuu nadum madathalani ne chettoh pisikinchukuntuuu onguni nee boddu naakuthuu untey nuvvu daani veepu naakuthuu daani boddu ni kelukuthuuu veelu petti thippi mooluguthaavu daani chevi loo deepika_toocute ( PM): abbbaaaaa pichekistunav praveen ( PM): okallaki okkalu opp ga padukoni nuvvu daani kaalla madhyaloo cheeri daani pooku naakuthunte adhi nee kaalla madhyaloo cheeri baagaa naakuthuu untundhi nee pooku ni praveen ( PM): ....praveen ( PM): lanjaaaaa praveen ( PM): reply ivaveyyyy praveen ( PM): pampavey reply praveen ( PM): lanja mundaaaa praveen ( PM): guddha naakinchukune gudiseeti lanja praveen ( PM): .....................................

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