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Owners of CS4, CS5, and CS5.5 have until the end of December to upgrade to CS6.After that cut-off point, upgrade pricing will be available only to owners of the immediately preceding version.I think the first version of Photoshop I ever used was Photoshop 5 or 6.Since then I’ve upgraded to every major version when it came out and plunked down hundreds of dollars every time there was an upgrade (maybe I skipped a version or two).In other words, to upgrade to CS7 you’ll need to pay full price if you don’t own CS6.Alternatively, you’ll have to switch to the Creative Cloud subscription service.This allowed me to get a bunch more programs that I can use for various other purposes.

If you’re a designer who makes a living doing this, then probably yes.Unfortunately this online course is only recorded in Dutch. These 45 minutes sessions touch the many facets of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5. Read more » that was picked up and redistributed by the social networks. At several locations, the new options for After Effects and Premiere Pro get coverage.Don’t worry though, if you do want to learn video animation using Adobe After Effects, contact us, and follow a training at Animotion in English or in Dutch. Exciting and fun for marketing research, but what is do we at Animotion think of CS5? We’ve tried put pros and cons of upgrading in perspective: Read more » Altough After Effects CS4 runs fine on Windows XP 64, this platform is formally not supported.It improves and rethinks much of how we deal with objects on the page, and it offers additional automation options, dramatic productivity enhancements, and new workflow solutions.In Design CS5 delivers some long-requested features and many little things that add up to a lot.The new version also introduces impressive new features that let print designers stretch themselves into the new paradigm of document creation, which now includes interactivity, animation, and video.