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Public profile linkedin not updating

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Do you know that every time you make a change on Linked In, your connections get an update of your tweaks?

If you don't want your every move watched by your network, turn the notifications off.

The latest Linked In terms of service update is going to help you do exactly that, let’s find out how..

Hopefully it’s not the local news article on your arrest with a pic of your ugly mug. It’s helpful for job hunting, head hunters, and bounty hunters.

Search for your name and assess the results and where or if your Linked In profile is visible. It’s also helpful for sales, personal branding, and executive leadership, always be closing!

Microsoft is expected to have the privilege as part of the ongoing integration between the two companies following their purchase of Linked In in 2016.

Aside from the update, Linked In is now also offering a new profile suggestion functionality.